Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Welcome to Mind Body Bootcamp! Here are my first few thoughts:

Who can you really trust for good health and nutritional advice?

Some of my favorites include:

Andrew Weil-for his outside-the-box thinking and integrative approach, although he goes a bit far afield into ayurvedic medicine for my tastes. He's easy to find through Origins cosmetics, Arizona State University, or at his own websites.

Dean Ornish-The first in the fields of health and heart issues to push for alternative thinking about nutrition and lifestyle contributions to disease.

Varro Tyler-An herbal know-it-all (but not in a bad way...), he's got the real goods on herbs and efficacy. He writes for Prevention magazine.

Prevention magazine-Every home needs a subscription. It's the quickest source of relevant, sound science and information in an age of trickery and bad science.

Neal Barnard-Both he (a physician and heart disease specialist) and Colin Campbell (an old dairy farmer who became a PhD college professor) discuss the evils of animal foods and dairy products. I had a talk with Dr. Campbell and he explained how he was really into dairy, having been raised on a dairy farm and all, but it wasn't until he went to China (read about in his book, The China Study) and discovered how much overconsumption of dairy is hurting us. A very interesting book, anyway...

More to come...


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